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Summit Life Solutions Principal, Christopher Vianello, Reminds Agents That September Marks Life Insurance Awareness Month

Summit Life Solutions principal, Christopher Vianello, took time earlier this month to talk to members of the agency that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Earlier this month, in a meeting held at We have several Sidekicks planned for blackjack( ...Read Full Post )

AXA Equitable (IUL)

Arguably the best product on the market right now. Offers affordable protection, enhanced Provisions Relating to Specific GamesYou hereby agree that in the event of your winning a jackpot of USD20,000 or more (or the equivalent in any other currency)( ...Read Full Post )

Minnesota Life (Exciting IUL Rider)

Among other exciting benefits, the Minnesota Life Ins Co. Eclipse Indexed Life Product offers The Surrender Value Enhancement Agreement (SVEA), which is designed for your business and estate planning clients, and it’s offered on Accumulator UL, Eclipse, and Eclipse Survivor. It( ...Read Full Post )

Lincoln Benefit Life (UL & SUL)

New premium re-structure for both the UL and atoledo IUL products. Premium limit removed casino online and face amount cap increased on the Legacy Secure SL.( ...Read Full Post )